Unusual Suspects


Always the unusual suspects…

UNUSUAL SUSPECTS premier tribute to “Guitar based music through the ages,” that is like no other! showmanship is all here. The bands set features, turbo charged much loved songs from the past half a century in their own exhilarating style.

Since 1989, Ian and the boys have been performing at venues across UK and Europe ranging from private parties to festivals to corporate events. The Unusual Suspects specialize in avoiding the often predictable, overplayed pub band covers! No backing tracks, no synthesisers, no gimmicks – The boys soared to the top of the local scene in 2005 and continue to be firm favourites.

After their many stage appearances at corporate functions, clubs, parties and festivals, the band’s popular set unites Ian’s vocals and unforgettable charisma, Phil’s attention to rock solid time, James’ thumping bass lines and Baz's classic rock tones to generate a set full of covers in their purest form, with standout tracks from five decades. Paying homage to some of the greatest songs of all time.

The Rugfest House Rock Band - the boys have played every Rugfest from the inception and it wouldn't be Wallingford's Summer without them.

The boys enjoy entertaining audiences at every variety of event, if you consider your upcoming event to have room on the bill then get in contact. 

email: unusualsuspects@ymail.com



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