It wouldn't be the Same without…

Harking from a town where the only two major pastimes are forming bands or drinking, Quadrophobe began life as a culmination of both, but quickly escalated beyond being a minor diversion from the trivialities of small-town day to day life, into an all-consuming song and dance. Since formation, they have written songs, broken genre taboos, ridden a piano through a small Oxfordshire village, gigged, and pioneered the Jazz Elephant; roughly in that order.

Rugfest are just chuffed to small pieces to have the pleasure of Quadrophobe. Richard and the guys have delighted audiences eight years running and clearly they are masters of entertainment. With their own insane blend of funk and ska you best have your dancing shoes ready! They are back just for the Rugfest Crowd - but who knows what else may happen..... the party may never stop !



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