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Photo credit Marco Bakker (c)

Photo credit Marco Bakker (c)


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MY DARLING CLEMENTINE continue to tour in support of their incredible latest album, Still Testifying, which as described by Uncut magazine is ‘where gospel, country and southern soul happily collide… it is terrific.’

Since Michael Weston King and Lou Dalgleish shook up the world of country and Americana with their much lauded 2013 debut How Do You Plead?,  they have continued to push the boundaries of country music. With Still Testifying they have adopted a more soulful and gospel approach and the album, like its predecessors, has been greatly hailed in both Europe and America.

After three albums, hundreds of shows and some ingenious musical collaborations (Texan author and musician Kinky Friedman,  The Brodsky Quartet, iconic singer and songwriter Graham Parker  plus their unique song / story show and audio book with crime writer Mark Billingham), My Darling Clementine have won numerous awards and gained an ever-growing, passionate fan base. 

Wry, witty, acerbic , and at times incredibly poignant, the duo always run their audiences through the full gamut of emotions with their match-made-in-heaven harmonies and songwriting of the very highest order 

For what began life as something of a side project for King & Dalgleish,  a labour of love, a homage to the classic country duets of the 60’s and 70’s , My Darling Clementine is now very much part of the country and Americana landscape. 3 critically acclaimed albums, over 400 shows across Europe and N. America, numerous accolades and awards has placed the band at the forefront of the burgeoning Americana scene

The debut “How Do You Plead?” was produced by Neil Brockbank (Nick Lowe) and featured some of London’s finest musicians from the 70’s pub rock era. Players who understood ‘classic country’.  Released in 2011, it was immediately acclaimed on both sides of the Atlantic. Country Music People called it; “The greatest British country record ever made” while American Songwriter stated  “this is as authentic as anything out of Nashville or Texas…A batch of superb C&W corkers.”

Such praise led to a US record deal and invitations to appear at the Americana Music Association in Nashville and SXSW in Austin in 2013

2013s follow-up, “The Reconciliation,” produced by Colin Eliot (Richard Hawley, Duane Eddy) and featuring guest appearances from Kinky Freidman and The Brodsky Quartet only enhanced the bands growing reputation and received a similar critical response. Uncut exclaimed; “The husband-and-wife duo serve up more countrified duet thrills…on this form, it’s a winning formula that looks set to run and run,”  while in the States the New York Daily News choose it as album of the week while Popmatters put it in their Top 10 Country Albums of 2013.

Their next move was a slight departure as they the collaborated with best selling crime writer, and avowed country music fan, Mark Billingham on the story and song project The Other Half. Billingham wrote a noirish tale of guilt, revenge and murder based around 8 MDC songs. The Other Half became an album, an audio book, and a stage show and featured contributions from actor David Morrisey and singer songwriter Graham Parker 

After 18 months of touring The Other Half , Michael and Lou returned to the studio for album no. 4.  Re-uniting with producer Neil Brockbank,  Still Testifying was released in the summer 2017. Stylistically, it was further shifting away from classic country to embrace gospel and country soul and was widely hailed by critics and fans alike as their best yet, all approving of the shift in direction. ‘more Delaney & Bonnie than George & Tammy’ Mojo 

But if the musical landscape had changed then the message and tone of the songs stay pretty constant. 2 adults, a man and woman, singing to each, about each other, for and against each other.

King and Dalgleish have earned their place in the role call of great country duettistsUNCUT 

One of the most exquisitely pained country albums of the year New York Daily News

"Like Nick Lowe, King and Dalgleish are able to create songs that make you feel that you know them while being quite new and gorgeous.” Record Collector 

"Even more depth and darkness than on their previous two albums. A stroke of genius.” Country Music People 

*Full band show

Rugfest are delighted to announce that we have secured My Darling Clementine -the full band. For Rugfest this means that Micheal Weston King & Lou Dalgleish are joined by full band of he band Al Gare on double bass, Dean Beresford, drums, and Iain Sloan, guitar and pedal steel. To see the latest review of this show please click here (American UK review from Celtic Connections, Glasgow

"King and Dalgleish have re-invented the country duet - The mingling of these two voices is just heavenly” The Guardian

“The UK’s strongest and most assured purveyors of authentic traditional Americana” No Depression


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