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The story so far…


GALAXY THIEF are a 4-piece indie pop band from the South coast of England who bring a fresh vibe to the pop/rock sound.  Launching as Galaxy Thief in February 2017, they gave over 40 live performances throughout the UK (including main stage at the British Grand Prix and The Invaders of the Future stage at BESTIVAL), wrote and recorded their first EP “Mind Games” and released two singles “For A Bad Time” and “Money!”, both of which have received significant radio play including BBC Introducing and Radio Caroline with interviews on a number of regional radio stations.

Their single “All Night Long” again broke the mould and had 2000 streams on the day of release. It has also been played on BBC Introducing several times and over 200 times on UK, US and Canadian radio. The music video had an immediate and enthusiastic response and overall spotify streams for the band have reached over 71,000.

The band was formed when old schoolfriends Ren Wilkinson (Bass Guitar and BV) and George Bowerman (Lead Guitar and BV) met rising star Jamie Eldridge (Lead singer and Rhythm Guitar). Ben Watton completed the lineup on drums and the band has been unstoppable ever since.

2018 has been even busier with the band even having to turn down some events due to their busy schedule. They have been greeted by fans from Edinburgh to Brighton, South Wales to Newcastle.

Galaxy Thief released their latest single “Sort Your Life Out” on November 23rd, 2018.

“Sort Your Life Out” is a tongue in cheek song about your mate who is always getting into trouble. It contains some 'serious' undertones if you reckon it applies to you, but overall it’s a fun bouncy song about a group of mates telling their friend to wind his neck in and sort his life out before he gets a beating.

 The band have been busy with various radio interviews and “Sort Your Life Out” was previewed on BBC Radio Solent on the Steph Newenhouse  “The Early Late Show”. The next day they had their second single “Money!” featured on ITV’s “This Morning” show as musical backing to a fashion VT and  headlined at the Southampton Christmas Lights Switch-On. This was  followed by a gig in Glasgow all in the same week. They have also been featured on SKY MYTV “My Top Ten”.


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